Find a sanctuary in the midst of your busy life

At Transcendent, we believe that inner peace and self-discovery are within reach for everyone. The mission of Transcend Mind Lab is to provide a sanctuary for individuals to explore their inner selves and cultivate greater mindfulness, resilience, and well-being. Starting summer of 2024, we will offer carefully designed meditation rooms that provide a peaceful and quiet space for individuals to connect with their innerselves.  Whether you're new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, our meditation rooms offer a tranquil oasis where you can escape the stresses of daily life and reconnect with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

The Ambient Room: This cynlindrical shaped room will create a soft bright borderless space with diffuse calming light and sound which can be set according to the meditator's preferences.

The Void: This room will be painted in the world's darkest paint, Musuo Black and isolated with sound absorbing panels. Once inside, the meditator will feel as if they are suspended in a dark expanse with complete silence.

The Infinity Room: This room will be painted in Musuo Black but have opposing mirrors and programmable lighting. The effect offer the meditator the experience of being suspended in initite abstract space. The lighting in this space will automatically shift with the ambient music to create a perpetually evolving experience.

In addition to our meditation rooms, we also offer biofeedback and neurofeedback devices for rent or purchase. These cutting-edge technologies provide real-time feedback on physiological and brainwave activity, allowing individuals to gain greater awareness of their body's stress response and learn to modulate their physiological and mental states. With biofeedback and neurofeedback training, individuals can develop practical skills for managing stress, improving focus, and enhancing overall well-being.

Dr. Phillips offers guided therapy in breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques to help individuals unlock their full potential for inner peace and self-discovery. Whether you prefer guided meditation sessions or self-directed practice, our instructors are here to support you on your journey towards greater mindfulness and well-being. At Transcend Mind Labs, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to transcend the stresses of daily life and tap into their innermost wisdom and resilience. Join us on the path to greater peace, clarity, and fulfillment.